Shana Rappaport

Shana believes education is one of our most powerful tools for creating a just and sustainable future – and is dedicating her young activist life to doing just that.  Shana joined Bioneers in 2010 as Education Program Manager to spearhead the organization’s first formal Education for Action program.  Just prior to joining Bioneers, Shana earned a Master’s degree in Communication Management from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, where she was actively involved as a leader of numerous campus organizations and initiatives as both an undergraduate and graduate student.

Her work at USC largely focused on grassroots community organizing to mobilize students, administrators and local politicians around environmental and social issues.  Through her role with Bioneers, Shana is now working to drive much larger-scale transformations in formal education, supporting the transition towards an education system that adequately prepares young people to take ownership of and leadership in creating the just and sustainable future we all want to see.

5 Responses to “Shana Rappaport”

  1. Martin

    I have had the pleasure of knowing this bright and beautiful soul for almost 5 years now. What she does day in and day out is so inspiring ! Shana , keep on working hard for the benefit of us all ! :)

  2. Lani

    I echo Martin’s words. She is an absolute inspiration to us all!!! Keep shining that light!

  3. Emily Z

    Shana embodies commitment and whollistic devotion and belief in her cause. She is incredible!

  4. Suki

    This young woman was hand-crafted from birth to shine forth her training, talents and gifts. Shana inspires our belief in the future.

  5. Frank E.

    I recently Shana on a flight from Seattle to Albuquerque. During the couple of hours of conversation, she made me feel so at ease and the warmth from her soul was amazing. So glad to have met you Shana!